Dongdaemun Night Market Seoul


DongDaemun is a very lively area, still busy with a lot of people out and about at the late hours. We stopped at Doota Shopping Center that carries all Korean Products, they’re amazing. Clothing designs are very nice but quite pricey. The outside, along the sidewalks are shops, street snacks, restaurants.

Everywhere we go there’s a Tony Moly and Etude, we ended up buying a lot of face, body, foot treatments, as they are very cheap. For instance, a face mask in Jakarta runs from Rp.40,000 to Rp.50,000 per packet, here in Seoul it’s only Rp.10,000. A good idea to buy wholesales.

You can also find cheap hats, gloves, stockings and Korean souvenirs such as pens, pencils, Korean dolls, silver chopsticks, long spoons (this I love) and many more interesting gifts.

Dongdaemun MarketDoota
Dongdaemun MarketDoota.
Dongdaemon Food counters
Dongdaemon Food counters.
Korean Products at Doota Shopping Center DongDaeMun
Korean Products at Doota Shopping Center DongDaeMun.
Shoe shops in Dongdaemun
Shoe shops in Dongdaemun.
Doota Nigh Market DongDaeMun
Doota Nigh Market DongDaeMun.

Going home in late night/early morning, we took a taxi back to the Hotel. Taxi drivers in Korea mostly don’t speak English, so you need to ask your hotel reception for their business card that is written in Korean and bring it everywhere with you.

The Taxi driver however is very nice (I find those who drove us, are much nicer than the Singaporean Taxi drivers). The driver kept looking back to my niece, smiling and saying “Ippo” (pretty/beautiful)… oh please, keep your eyes straight down the road Mister, I’d hate to get into an accident.


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