Kukkiwon: The World Taekwondo Headquarters


One of my reason to come to Korea is also to visit Kukkiwon, The World Taekwondo Headquarters located in the high-end Gangnam District.

Taekwondo is the traditional Korean Sports that was introduced to the Olympic Games XXIV 1988 in Seoul (Korea) and I represented Indonesia to compete in the 1988 Olympic for this sport. So, it’s only natural that I visit Kukkiwon.

Kukkiwon World Taekwondo Headquarter

The Gangnam area going to Kukkiwon is a busy business district with, yes… heavy traffic. It reminded me of Wilshire – Beverly Hills, Los Angeles Area. There’s a beautiful Park with again big trees and yellowish/goldish brown leaves.

Inside the Kukkiwon, you will find a Taekwondo museum with photos of historical events and Taekwondo heroes. You will also find the Taekwondo Arena in the middle dome and see flags of every Countries covering its’ ceilings.

Horraaayyyyy, our Indonesian Flag is up there too. I’m so very proud.

A walk from Kukkiwon to the Main Street of Gangnam is very nice, you will find Taekwondo stores and displays on the side, a beautiful Park and a Children’s Library.

We got hungry and went in to a traditional Korean Restaurant that I don’t know how to pronounce since it’s all in Korean. We used body language and point foods on the menu for instruction as everything is written in Korean. We ordered several delicious soup dishes from mild to spicy, chicken, beef, pork and rice.

For those who do not eat Pork, choose a Korean Restaurant carefully since Korean menus mostly have Porks. The staff of the restaurants loved my niece, just like the taxi driver, they kept looking at her saying “Ippo” (pretty/beautiful) and gave us homemade delicious soft steamed bread.

Back to the Hotel, we rest a bit and walked around Lotte Department Store and visited Toys R Us for some toys for my niece.


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