Never Stop Admiring the Greatness of Lake Toba


I feel the need to share my family trip back in 2009: A trip to our homeland LAKE TOBA. My husband last name is Siregar, as well all BATAK’s family we have the urge to get to know where we’re from as North Sumatran.

As my Father in law proudly said The BATAK has the LAKE TOBA and It is the largest lake in Indonesia and the largest volcanic lake in the world.

This is the kind of story I need to share my kids, who pretty much expose to Jakarta’s Mall or Singaporean promo of Universal Studios.

To begin our journey, we flew from Jakarta to Medan, which only took 90 minutes by plane. But from Medan to Silangit or Parapat (where Lake Toba situated) it will took 7-8 hours driving!


Need no worries , there is SUSI Air (a small flight service) that will took us within 40 minutes from Medan to Silangit. AWESOME! Off we Go, 2 kids , 2 parents, 4 grandparents.


Silangit: Situated on a clift,when we arrived there, i must say .. its like where on Switzerland. Yes! Breezy wind + sunny shine kisses my cheeks ‘ so lovely.

From Silangit we went down the hill to our first hotel. It will be on Muara Nauli. A small hotel with 24 rooms facing the Lake Toba (

Remind me of A novel by Enid Blyton, MALORY TOWERS, i’m officially struck by TOBA’s fever.

We Stayed there for 2 Nights. Just a layback relaxing moments. The activity for the kids are basicly enjoying the lovely pool by the Lake and took a drive with Be-Mor (Becak Motor).

After Muara Nauli , we went to PARAPAT, which is the Tourist area for lake Toba. Lots of performing stage , Museum , Art Activity , and also lots of LAPO (traditional Batak’s food stall)

Lots of hotels or home stays in PARAPAT, which serve lots of tourist from around the world. I seen lots of tourist here rather than i saw in Jakarta.

Which impressed me the most from our trip to Lake Toba is how gratefull we are as Indonesian, to have This LAKE TOBA, and that the people of BATAK could rejoice so much more as the tourist from around the World came to visit never stop admiring the greatness of LAKE TOBA (read this)



  1. Sembari berlibur bisa juga berbagi dan belajar dari anak-anak di desa-desa Pulau Samosir. Alusi Tao Toba, adalah sopo belajar /rumah belajar bagi anak-anak di Pulau Samosir. Sopo Belajar di Desa Lotung bertempat di sebuah lumbung padi berusia lebih dari 100 tahun, jika dulu menjadi lumbung padi, sekarang menjadi lumbung ilmu. Informasi detil bisa dilihat pada atau
    Buat anak-anak akan menarik karena melihat struktur dusun/huta di Samosir, juga kesempatan berinteraksi langsung dengan anak-anak di Toba.

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