Trip musical ke Singapore

Name: Delisa Tahir
How many kids: 2
Age of kids: 8 & 6
Date of the Holiday: 3 – 5 Agustus 2012
Destination of Holiday: Singapore
Transport to destination: Airline and Taxi at destination
Hotel: Marina Bay Sands (marinabaysands)


Airport Butterfly


Recommended places to take the kids:

  1. Annie – Musical Marina Bay Sands Theater
  2. Night Safari at Singapore Zoo
  3. Harry Potter Exhibition at Art & Science Museum




Art & Science Museum

Top 3 recommended restaurant:

  1. Grandma’s at Paragon Orchard – The Menu is suitable for Indonesian & the fried chicken is children favorite
  2. Rasapura Masters Food Court at Shoppee Marina Bay Sands – affordable food at Marina Bay area
  3. Shimbashi Shoba at Paragon Orchard – delicious bento package


Rasapura Masters Food Court

What did you have that you remember was out of this world?

  1. The Musical Show is always be a good entertainment that could educate, especially if the story related to the kids.
  2. Night Safari on the weekend is always full of people – long line of queuing
  3. The services at the hotel is a 4 thumbs up

Tips that you want to share about this destination:

  1. Booked or buy your show ticket 1st, u can buy it on line – its easy
  2. Coz its Ramadhan, the breakfasting time is more longer in Jakarta
  3. Always try to take MRT than taxi, its cheaper and easier, too bad the MRT line from Marina bayfront is not ready yet.
  4. If you travel with kids under 5 : in paragon orchard there’s a playground for free
  5. Taxi Queue in rush hour could take almost 1 hour


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