The Magnificent Maluku: Why Kei Kecil?


When I decided to spend my Eid holiday in Kei Kecil, some friends asked me why do I come back to Kei Kecil. My answer is that Kei Kecil is a place where I can feel a piece of paradise, where time is non-existence, where the best sound you hear is the sound of silence.

Kei Kecil is part of Kei islands or to the locals is knowns as Nuhu Evav or Evav islands, compromising of:

  1. Kei Kecil or Nuhu Roa
  2. Kei Besar or Nuhu Yuut
  3. Tanimbar
  4. Kei Dulah
  5. Dulah Laut
  6. Kuur
  7. Taam, and
  8. Tamandu islands

Kei islands is part of Kabupaten Maluku Tenggara, with the caital of Tual. Tual is predominant Moslem while Langgur, the second bighest town is predominant Christian. Tual itself is in Kei Dulah or Dulah island while Langgur is in Kei Kecil.

Though it seems not easy to reach Kei Kecil, it is relatively easy to access from Jakarta via Ambon. For instance, there are 3 flights daily from Ambon. Since January 2014, all flights land at the new airport of Langgur, Kirkes Ibra. According to the plan, this airport will be developed to be able to land bigger plane (Boeing 737/Airbus 320). The airlines that connect Ambon to Langgur (LUV) are Wings and Trigana. Garuda will start to fly to Langgur in September!

Kei islands are known for its beautiful beaches such as Pasir Panjang, Ohoidertawun, Ohoiderrtutu, Ngurtafur and many more. There are 400 hundred islands, ready for you to visit.

Ladies and gents, welcome to Kei Kecil!

The Magnificent Maluku The Magnificent Maluku

Sand bank between Dulah Laut and Kei Kecil.

Always love the color of this part of Indonesia. A Polish lady who has just visited Kei said that the water in tjis area is even much much better than Maldives or Bahamas. She’s not the only person who think this way.

The Magnificent Maluku The Magnificent Maluku

If you fly in to Kei Kecil, do book the seat on left side and you will witness this: Pasir Panjang or Ngur Bloat, a strech of a mere 3 kms of white powdery sands. Some even claims as the finest in the world.

There is a lake on the cape Ngidiun and the bay behind it is where I spend my holiday, the village of Ohoidertawun.

The Magnificent Maluku



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