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What do we know about Padang aside from its fabulous food? As a Jakartan with roots in Java and Sulawesi, the Sumatra island sounds very exotic and far away from me. Thanks to my friend, who visits Padang regularly to visit her grandmother, I have learned a lot about the fascinating place and gasped at the gorgeous photos. Definitely on my top 5 next-place-to-go list!

What to do

Upon arrival in Padang, head straight to Danau Atas & Danau Bawah for a grandiose view of the lakes. The kids wouldn’t mind the one and a half hour drive to the Danau because there are simply a lot of beautiful things to see along the way.

Another two hours away is the spectacular Sawah Lunto. The stunning view will make it hard for you to stop the endless instagrams. Children as well as adults will love to explore the old coalmining site and the train museum. Also stop by the old city for historic scenery and visit Silungkang for the real gold songket sarongs

On your way to Bukittinggi you will find many diversions, and depending on how much time you have, these are the must visits:

  • Danau Singkarak and the gorgeous lake view.
  • Padang Panjang for sate padang Mak Sukur.
  • Batusangkar and its’ Kampai Tuo Nan Panjang house.

Once you are in Bukittinggi, get ready for more outdoors magnificence. Sianok Canyon, Japanese Cave, Fort de Cock and the Bundo Kanduang Park. Let your kid borrow your phone or camera for their impression of all this beauty and relive them once you get back home

Where to stay

There aren’t many luxury options in these areas, but the following hotels are more than decent

  • Parai City Garden Hotel
    Rate: Rp 435,600/room/night
  • Aie Angek Cottage
    Rete: Deluxe room Rp 592,000 (net)
    Mountain view Rp 677,600 (net)
    Extra bed Rp 150,000
  • Grand Rocky Hotel Bukittinggi
    Rate: USD 55/room/night

Where to eat

You can find straight forward Minang restaurants along the way of your trip. Highly recommended were these places:


It is best to do the roadtrip with a knowledgeable driver. The following drivers’ service comes recommended: Edi Bulek (phone: 0813-7434-5665, 0751-26190)

Useful Links

Sawah Lunto: indonesia.travel


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