Multicolor smoothie and Ubi boats


The weather has been wet and weird lately. Time to boost the vitamin and energy levels at home with some delicious and super easy cooking!

What you need from the pantry:

Sausages. I like to stock up on beef cocktails from Winner Sosis in Ampera because the company’s HQ is a 5 minutes walk from my house and I like to think the sausages are the freshest there. You also need some olive oil, preferably from a sprayer.

Other ingredients:

Any kind of ubi/cassava, mangoes, pineapples, red dragon fruit, coconuts, sweet corn, baby carrots, string beans.


The ubi boat. Cut the ubi vertically in half and spray lightly with olive oil. Spread the cut ubi on a baking sheet and sprinkle a small pinch of sea salt on top of the halves before putting them in the pre-heated oven. While the ubi is heating up, prepare the filling of the boats. My kids are not too crazy about vegetables but they do like my homemade minidogs. So I mixed the corn kernels, finely cut carrots and beans together and added some beef cocktails into the mix. When the ubi is ready, scrape off the middle part and make little balls out of the scraped off ubi “meat”. Take the sausage and veggie mixture and spoon it into the hollowed part of the ubi. Lastly, add the little ubi balls as topping of the filling.

Time to let the ubi boats cool off and while that happens, I whip out my blender for the smoothies. I just love to see the food art on some vegan blogs and instagram accounts. Especially the smoothies that are layered into a fantasy mix of colors and figures. Some ingredients however are so good, they don’t need the artsy and polished presentations. Quality mangoes prove themselves in your mouth, not your plate. I decided to go for a smoothie with simple layering of bright colors and this is fail-proof sequence

  • Always start with the lightest colors.
  • In this case, start with coconut and end with dragon fruit.
  • Blitzing ice cubes as the last part of the blending process may be noisy, but the result is oh so fresh.
  • I don’t add any sugar or honey because the mangoes are sweet enough. If you need some added sweetness, go for an extra dash of your favorite yoghurt drink or yakult.

Multicolor smoothie and Ubi boats


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