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Over the past year we have received a lot of stories, tips, comments and questions from traveling families, and the two things we obviously care about the most are: where to go and what to eat.

We will undoubtedly continue our fun quest in finding the awesomest holiday and foody destinations for the whole family, but we thought it would also be fun to start the foody explorations at home in our own kitchen. Tour de Pantry is like Tour de France but without the bikes and without the French. It is a travel through different kinds of staple foods, combined with healthy and fresh ingredients that inspire us to get busy in the kitchen. Hopefully, the results from the Tour de Pantry will inspire the tastebuds of our little ones and get them to try healthier and more varied meals.

We are no chefs or cooking fanatics or contestants of a food show. The Tour is not meant to improve your cooking, or tell you the best way to prepare lasagna. But we do want to expand our kids’ food repertoire and introduce them to different kinds of food and we do want to choose the healthiest option possible. So, what better way to start than to travel down your pantry, re-stock or reconsider the staple (replace the regular noodle with a spinach based noodle maybe?), browse the web for ideas and start cooking?


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