Tour de Pantry: Smoothies and Juices


The first stage of our Tour will be an easy one and does not require a stove or fire. Just plug in your blender or juicer, roam through your fruit and vegetable cabinet and have your family start the day the freshest way.

What you need from the pantry:

Almond flakes, dark chocolate (70%), dessicated coconut, raisins, dates or other dried fruits. We usually use these as sweeteners to replace sugar or as topping.

Other ingredients:

Fruits! Go for local and colorful fruits. Check out on the internet for the best fruit ingredients. Be grateful that we live in a country where so much amazing fruit is available.


Make it easy for your kid to try and judge the first smoothie. My son likes bananas and mangoes but he is appalled by coconuts (don’t ask me why, he is weird that way) and everybody know how absolutely gorgeous fresh coconut meat and water are for your health. To introduce him to fresh coconut, I just combine bananas and mangoes in the blender with coconut meat and add in a dash of his favorite yoghurt. It was a piece of cake to acquire his approval because the sweetness of bananas and mangoes overrules the coconut and the slight yoghurt taste made the smoothie feel extra familiar. For the adult version of this smoothie I replaced the banana with something more adventurous such as Sirsak and shaved some 80% chocolate on top.



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