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Going to another class after school may sound a bit too much, but not when the things you learn are a lot more fun than sheets of math! Whether it is horse-riding, ice-skating, golf, baking or crafting, Jakarta is packed with numerous choices in sharpening those fun skills

Before committing to a course or a class, you may want to
consider the following:

  1. Manage your expectations
    So you want your girl to get into street dancing, or your son to excel at cuisine cooking? Make sure they like your plan before you plan a trial. Also, if they are the ones insisting on doing a certain course, find out first about the intensity and duration of each class and prepare your child.
  2. Challenge their performance
    That being said, if after a couple of classes your kids like what they’re doing, encourage them to stick to the program. This may not be an issue for older children, but for 4 – 7 yo’s it’s easier to say they don’t feel like going to class because they are tired/not in the mood/’males’. So whenever you get the chance, practice with them, look for the videos on YouTube, compliment them about their achievements and look for opportunities for your kids to show off their skills.
  3. Keep it fun, though
    But when it’s really not his day, drop your tigermom attire, let him skip class and have him look forward to the next week. After all, these classes are supposed to be exploratory fun and not mandatory pressure. And if your child repetitively says he doesn’t like what he is doing after a couple of classes, then you may want to comply and save up on further course fees.

Libur Keluarga compiled the shortlist below to give you
an idea of the available courses:

1. Move!

Horse riding

Courtesy photo by Arthayasa

Ice skating


  • Learn to fly at Power Swing Kidz, Kebayoran. For 8 years and up. (
  • Pregnant moms, moms and babies, 4-13yo, they all can learn yoga at Bliss Wellness Co, Kemang (
Courtesy photo by Bliss

Golf for Kids


  • From jazz ballet to hip hop and Glee class, get your strut on at United Dance Works, Kemang (
  • Choose from a mélange of gymnastics ballet and martial arts at Rockstar Gym (
  • The basics of classic ballet for your little ones at Sanggar Kemang 5. Warning: Beware of the lethal cuteness of a bunch of 2-3 year old girls in tutus! Call 021-7179 1734.
Courtesy photo by United Dance Works

2. Create!


  • At the Young Chef Academy in Kemang, kids can get their (cookie) dough rolling, starting at 3 years old (
  • For a real hotel chef experience, go to the Ritz Kids Cooking Class at Kuningan (
  • Le Petit Chef program at Chez Lely in Lebak Lestari for that Parisian gastronomic experience (
Courtesy photo by Young Chef Academy
Courtesy photo by Chezlely




  • At the Music Republicain in Fatmawati, your toddlers and kids will learn to develop their sense of appreciation for the classical (think Tchaikovsky & Mozart)


A useful site with elaborate information about the many courses and classes for kids in Jakarta:


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