Get your kids race-ready at these fun sport events


I’m one of those parents who often wondered whether my kids would take on the love for sports without having to push it down their throats. They seem interested in the exercises I do and the occasional races I participate in, but they clearly say “oh HECK no” to my 5AM wake up calls for training or the stuff I eat.

No need to despair, I took on that piece of interest they have and asked them if they want to join a sports competition especially designed for kids. “Will it be super hard?”, “Will there be like, super children joining this race?” Of course I told them no. “These are races for kids just like you (not kids with super powers) and it won’t take as long as one of mummy’s races.”

Once they said yes, I started browsing for races for kids. Jakarta has a lot to offer these days, and not just in the running category. To find out my son’s forte and to train his swimming and biking skills, I decided to register him for the kids’ triathlon at the Deutsche Schule. Through trial and error, I found out that these worked best in prepping him for the race:

  • Unless your kid is a diehard athlete-to-be, make the training schedule doable and fun. Swimming exercises would work best if done after a playful session with water guns rather than clocking in a training session at 6AM.
  • It’s always more exciting to register with a friend, cousin or sibling. Organize a playdate and squeeze in a bit of prep training.
  • Make the competition day extra special. This can be a treat to his favorite restaurant or an afternoon at the Water Boom after completing the race.

The race preps are also great way of spending weekends and to build up anticipation. There’s always that sense of achievement and satisfaction when they swim or run faster this weekend than the weekend before.

Recommended upcoming races for kids

Triathlon Buddies 4th Anniversary Triathlon for Adult & Kids. 24/01/2016
This event is a great way of introducing yourself AND your kids to the triathlon experience. The marshals are like hawks who keep an eye on the safety of your children and they are all dedicated and experienced triathletes

Junior Spartan Race
One of the most anticipated obstacle races in the world held it’s inaugural sprint in Singapore in November this year. Active and adventurous kids will love to climb, jump and get dirty during this fun event. Check out their website for more information on upcoming race.



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