Lomba Photo National Geographic


Sudah hampir 2 bulan National Geographic mengadakan Lomba photo (National Geographic’s Photo Contest) Dan hasilnya, banyak yang mengagumkan. Dan yang lebih menarik lagi, beberapa photo dapat diunduh sebagai wallpaper. Gratis lagi.

Berikut beberapa photo yang benar-benar apik:

Red Land, China
Charging Black Drongo
A glorious road of gold through the aspen woods of Snowmass Colorado.
This is Gandalf the Great Grey Owl and he gets scared flying out in the open so his owners have built his aviary inside a brick shed. He now loves spending his days watching the world go by out of his window.
Beautiful Lucky Bay in Esperance, Western Australia is home to many kangaroos.
This female brown bear came into the Lake Clark National Park area in late July with her triplet Spring cubs and seemed quiet relaxed as she sat nursing her cubs.
Great White Sharks in False Bay, South Africa
He is big 4 meters tall and over 4 ton in weight, he is the “Godfather”
Swimming with a Turtle
This image was captured in the Opel Zoo near Frankfurt am Main in Germany

Masih banyak terdapat photo-photo menarik dalam tema: Natural, People dan Place. Silahkan kunjungi 2012 National Geographic Photography Contest.


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