The 5 most unusual places to sleep


The world is full of luxury hotels and beautiful places to sleep. But even better are the places that stand out not for their opulence, but for their eccentricity. Check out these even stranger, odder, and more memorable places to put your head down.

1. Under water!

Waking up between the corals and the fish in clear blue water. It’s the normalest thing in the world for guests at the Poseidon in Fiji

2. On a tree!

You can do this in the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, but the coolest treesleeping spot must be Sweden. Choose from a birds’ nest or an UFO

3. On a plane!

A red plane In the middle of a national park, amongst the Costa Rican rainforest. One day I want to be able to say ‘been there, done that’

4. Inside a harbor crane!

Not for families with fear of heights. Try the lighthouse or the lifeboat when the crane gets a tad bit lonely.

5. In a beagle!

Dog Bark Park Inn is taking dog friendly to a new level. And I’ve always wanted to sleep inside a dog’s belly instead of just lying on it.


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