Why Broadcast Messages Are Great


We were lazing around in our room listening to the sound of fireworks and prayers when the familiar beeps of our mobile devices flickered and buzzed, passing on broadcasts of happy messages and well wishes. Unlike some people I know who are annoyed by these broadcasts, I actually do like to receive and read them. All of them. Because in between the elaborate ‘alay’ font types and abbreviations, the poetic and copy-pasted wishes and the occasional hoax messages, there are some gems of interesting, fun and useful broadcasts out there.

For instance this one that I just received: An elaborate list of restaurant delivery numbers, from the mainstream (The McKFCPhD trifecta) to the lesser mainstream (Fat Burger, Solaria, Bakmi MGM) all the way down to the “underground” (Bakmi 88, Kwetiau Sapi Mangga Besar). I don’t know whether they all deliver or not, but it is surely worth a try, especially when you feel like eating something other than opor or ketupat sayur. And it may come in handy if a copy is printed and stuck under that magnet vegetable on the fridge door for hungry situations way after lebaran.

So long live the broadcast messages! And have you received a good/ super useful/ funny/ hilarious one recently? If so, please do share with us

Happy Eid

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