Gorilla hugging man who saved his life picture wins Wildlife Photographer of the Year award

Picture: Wildlife Photographer of the Year Wildlife Photographer of the Year People’s Choice winner WINNER -Æ Jo-Anne-McArthur - Wildlife Photographer of the Year Pikin and AppolinaireJo-Anne McArthur,CanadaPikin, a lowland gorilla, had been captured and was going to be sold for bushmeat but was rescued by Ape Action Africa. Jo-Anne took this photograph as the gorilla was being moved from her former enclosure within a safe forest sanctuary in Cameroon to a new andlarger one, along with a group of gorilla companions. She was first sedated, but during the transfer to the new enclosure she awoke. Luckily, she was not only very drowsy, but she was also in the arms of her caretaker,Appolinaire Ndohoudou, and so she remained calm for the duration of the bumpy drive.


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