Getaway Train Ride Kebun Raya Bogor & Culinary


The first experience riding train with kids, don’t have to be a fancy one. They would love it even if it’s just an hour ride from Jakarta to Bogor.

Tips: You can hop on from Tebet station or the sudirman’s. The ticket per person only cost Rp. 7,000. Ask for the train with AC (air conditioning). From Tebet station, it was about 15 stops before reaching Bogor. However, 3 stops before Bogor (Depok station), you have to switch train. Warning: This is not suitable for very young children, since the train gets full in weekend. So, it will be a bit of struggle to get your spot in the train.

After reaching Bogor, a lot of public transportation awaits you in front of the station. Mostly are Angkot (Angkutan Kota) and Becak. The kids are usually more attracted with Becak, for the obvious reason (open front vehicle). Then, my favorite thing is to go to Kebun Raya Bogor. From there, you will be able to see Istana Bogor (Bogor Palace) with plenty of deer for the kids to see.

Ticket price: Rp. 9,500/person What to expect: Plenty of beautiful shaded spots and area for picnic and just hangout. I would bring Frisbee and bike, if possible to explore the area. Restaurant there: Dedaunan. They serve Indonesian/Sundanese and Western food. The food is ok, but you will have the best looking garden view from its terrace.


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