The most enjoyable age to experience Kidzania is 5 years up


Still my kids favorite place in Jakarta.  The trick with Kidzania, it’s more fun if your kids bring their closest friends along (maximum additional 3 kids) – 2 pairs make it more interesting for the games/rides.

The most enjoyable age to experience Kidzania is 5 years up.

If you have only 2 hours to do Kidzania, this is my suggestion, to make the most of your time there:

For boys 5-8 years old:

  1. Go to the bank and cash your cek – you either get cash or ATM card.
  2. Get your driving license in the hospital/klinik kesehatan
  3. Daftar untuk mendapatkan SIM di area Honda dekat pom bensin
  4. Setelah mendapatkan SIM, bawa mereka either ke Formula 1 racing atau kerja di pom bensin (letaknya bersebelahan  bisa dua2nya) – di formula racing, better to request that your kids group go at the same time, ask mas-mas disitu.
  5. Then they can either choose to be Police or Fire fighter, usually I choose based on how long is the line)  the process from briefing to actual action is pretty long, so parents can wait with coffee (which is not bad di café Kidzania – pretty strong) with good book/ipad
  6. Another favorite: the pharmacy, this is actually really cute and kids love it.  The process of making medicine.  The wait is not long in this.
  7. The last ride is the flight simulator; this is quite hidden, on the 2nd floor, near the entrance.  This is also not so long, for the process
  8. To relax after all the commotion, sit and relax at the theatre, they usually have really fun play: Aladdin or Peter Pan

For boys and girls 4-5 years old, can actually go to food factory/salon/gym, which is quite the hit also among the kids.


  • Book in advance –
  • Come early – I like to go in the morning session.  Even on weekend, it is still very much manusiawi, the wait and all.  So, I like to come around 9:30am – then by lunch time, you already covered most of the rides/games
  • Have a full breakfast before you go, since especially if you are baby sitting 4 kids, they will not stop for foods during the time in Kidzania
  • No need to bring foods/drinks, they have plenty of that every corner of the place.
  • No extra clothes/jackets needed, temperature is pretty good.  And the kids will more likely to run around, to keep their body warm




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