Outdoor spaces in and near Jakarta part 1: Pulau Situ Gintung Ciputat


The drive from Semanggi to Pulau Situ Gintung on a Sunday morning: 30 minutes
Prices: Rp. 5.000,- entrance

What’s interesting: The trees with fingers, the fishing pond, the walking area along the pond, the lesehan restaurant.

Verdict: Only if you and your family happen to be in the area of Lebak Bulus, it is worth a visit. I don’t think it is worth dedicating a whole day to Pulau Situ Gintung because the place is a bit run down, the play area is small and the food selection is very minimum.

The kids will love the fish pond and the ‘peternakan ikan’ with friendly fishers who do not mind if curious kids come to take a closer look.

Keep an eye at all times because there are no safety nets around the ponds.


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