The new playground in town Wowzonia


One of the best weekend invitations is an invitation that is fully dedicated to the kids and at the same time fun for the mommies. We received one of those for the opening of Wowzonia, a new ‘family indoor entertainment center’ at Lippo Mall Kemang village, and so Liburkeluarga mommies went out there to catch up and check out the spot with the toughest reviewers around: our own kids!

Before we play:

wowz_socksWe registered amongst the jungle leaves and dinosaurs at the entrance and received a card for all transactions inside Wowzonia. Just like Urban Kitchen, we pay upon check out with the same card, which I think is a more practical system than paper tags around your kids’s wrists.

The kids were checked for their temperature (!) and given a hand sanitizer before they were allowed to enter the premises. I never saw this practice before in any other playgrounds or play parks, but I guess it is a good thing to be so keen on hygiene in places packed with children

Of course footwear is not allowed and socks are mandatory. For the parents who brilliantly left the socks at home when they know they are going to an indoor playground (such as myself), Wowzonia has its’ own brand of socks with their logo functioning as the non-slip sole. Very cute!

Let’s play

The first thing that excites the kids is the ‘Glow in the dark 3D Pirates and Dinosaur mini Golf’, claimed in our invitation to be the very first in Asia. My 6yo boy expected things to be more spooky because of the dark and haunted house atmosphere, but the dinosaurs, skulls and pirate ships are‘quite cool too’.

Next up was the large, multi-leveled indoor playground filled with the typical sensory elements, fun obstacles, trampolines and slides, complemented by a flying fox for the older children. A separate, and more gentile type of playground is set up for the babies and toddlers as well. The playground area is probably the part of Wowzonia that will keep the kids busy for hours, so the moms and dads can do their own thing.

wowz_minigolf wowz_minigolf_inside wowz_playground1 wowz_playground2 wowz_shooting

But before we can do so, we had to ‘battle’ the more adventurous kids at the Intergalactic Shooting Roomequipped with cannons and soft foam balls. People were waiting in line to get into that room and play, but according to the kids it was well worth the wait.

For the chaperones

Mothers, fathers and other chaperones can sit out their kids’ playing session at the Cave, strategically located in the middle of all three main areas and immediately next to the function halls. The Cave menu looks decent and the most important thing for me is their decent coffee. I always find myself forced to leave a playground when I want a proper cup of coffee, and parents with the same issue can now find solace at Wowzonia because at the Cave they serve illy! We haven’t tried the food yet, but the Cave seems a perfect location for some necessary catching up while monitoring the kids.

wowz_cave_menu1 wowz_cave_menu2 wowz_cave_coffee

Verdict: Both mom and kids will definitely do Wowzonia for a second time around.


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